Jesus, eternal God

Jesus, eternal God,
became the Son of man;
obediently the path he trod,
his Father’s perfect plan:
he came to make God known,
he died to draw death’s sting,
he lives, the Lamb upon the throne,
our Prophet, Priest and King.

2. Our Prophet, he explains
all we can know of God,
for only he eternal reigns,
the uncreated Word.
In ages long since gone
God spoke in various ways,
but now has spoken by his Son—
obey him all your days!

3. Our great High Priest, who prayed
for those who shed his blood,
who once our full atonement made,
now pleads for us with God;
though sinless, well he knew
temptations like our own,
and so can sympathize with you:
come boldly to his throne.

4. Our conquering King is he;
he dies, to die no more!
He lives, appointed now to be
God’s Son in risen power.
His kingdom has no end;
to come, yet present now,
and all, as rebel or as friend,
one day to him will bow.

5.Our Prophet, Priest and King,
he meets our every need;
to him your lives and praises bring—
this man is God indeed.
To speak, to save, to reign,
he came to us in grace,
and when at last he comes again
we’ll see him face to face.

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