Mighty God, while angels bless you

Mighty God, while angels bless you,
may a mortal praise your name?
Lord of men, as well as angels,
you are every creature’s theme.
Lord of every land and nation,
Ancient of eternal days,
sounded through the wide creation
be your just and lawful praise.

2. For the grandeur of your nature,
grand beyond a seraph’s thought;
for created works of power,
works with skill and kindness wrought;
for your providence, that governs
all your empire’s wide domain,
speeds an angel, guides a sparrow,
blessed be your gentle reign.

3. But your rich, your free redemption,
shining through the ages long—
thought is poor, and poor expression,
who dare sing that awesome song?
Brightness of the Father’s glory,
shall your praise unuttered be?
Break, my tongue, such guilty silence,
sing the Lord who died for me!

4. From the highest throne in glory,
to the cross of deepest woe,
all to ransom guilty captives,
flow, my praise, for ever flow!
Go, return, immortal Saviour,
yours the victory, yours alone;
soon return and reign for ever,
claim the kingdom, take your throne!

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