Born to be King

Born to be king! jesse’s last son—
marked by the Spirit and chosen by grace,
promised a line of descendants unending;
kingship extending throughout time and space.

2. Born to be King! Cradled in straw—
how can such humbling fulfil God’s great plan?
Yet in this baby, the child of God’s promise,
all of his sovereignty gathers in man.

3. Born to be King! Nailed to the cross—
conquering his foes as he hangs on the tree,
bearing our sins and releasing the captives,
reigning in majesty, Christ sets us free.

4. Born to be King! Risen in power—
see him ascend to the Father’s right hand.
Seated in splendour, his enemies vanquished,
Nothing can challenge his total command.

5. Born to be King! Now in our world—
come from the heavens and set up your throne!
Gladly submitting, we bow to acknowledge,
great David’s greater Son, we are your own.

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