Hallelujah! Raise the anthem

Hallelujah! raise the anthem,
let the skies resound with praise;
sing to Christ who paid our ransom,
wonderful his works and ways:
God eternal, Word incarnate,
whom the heaven of heavens obeys.

2. Long before he raised the mountains,
formed the seas or spread the sky,
love eternal, free and boundless,
moved the Lord of life to die;
foreordained the Prince of princes
for the throne of Calvary.

3. There for us and our redemption
see him all his lifeblood pour:
there he wins our full salvation,
dies that we may die no more—
then arising lives for ever,
King of kings, whom we adore.

4. Now above the vast creation,
high in God’s all-holy light,
there he lives and reigns in triumph,
bears the marks of mortal fight;
there his own, redeemed for ever,
sing in wonder day and night.

5. Praise and honour to the Father,
praise and honour to the Son,
praise and honour to the Spirit,
ever Three and ever One:
one in grace and one in glory
while eternal ages run!

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