When he comes again in splendour

When he comes again in splendour
we shall see him in the sky;
everyone will then surrender
to the Lord supreme on high.
What an awe-inspiring prospect
when he comes to claim his own,
with his people now made perfect
as they gather round his throne.

2.   No-one knows the day or timing
when our Jesus will appear;
we shall see his sudden coming
when we meet him in the air.
May the church on earth be watching
for that most amazing day,
since our Saviour’s great appearing
cannot be too far away.

3.   Busy lives and vain addictions
may absorb humanity;
seeming good preoccupations
squander time and energy.
Yet when Jesus comes in power
present goals may not remain;
dominating in that hour
will be him who once was slain.

4.   May the prospect of his coming
make our hearts within us burn;
as priorities are forming
may they speed our Lord’s return.
‘Worthy is the Lamb,’ we’re singing,
‘to receive all power and praise.’
Strength and honour we are bringing,
sounding through eternal days.

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