Set ten thousand voices singing

Set ten thousand voices singing!
Let them sound aloud God’s praise.
Centuries have seen him bringing
favour shown in countless ways.
Human faults in every era
cannot hide the good we trace,
for the heart of God grows clearer
in recounting all his grace.

2. Few once knew your name, Lord Jesus,
people near your place of birth.
Now your followers encompass
every nation on the earth.
In the gospel, news so telling,
spread across two thousand years,
you have brought us love compelling,
hope for all without frontiers.

3. Saviour of the world, whose suffering
moves us still from long ago,
in your sorrow, pain and dying
what a debt to you we owe!
All our stubborn sin and blindness,
guilt and shame, would seal our fate
but your cross has brought forgiveness
so we now can celebrate.

4. As each year, each day, is dawning
rapid change is taking place.
Fresh discoveries are spawning
new dilemmas, fears to face.
Lord how can we cope or manage
without your unfailing care?
Give us wisdom, help and courage,
future hope to thwart despair.

5. Joyful prospect! Jesus reigning!
See his just and righteous throne,
kingdoms of the world becoming
realm of God and Christ alone.
Yours the honour, strength and power,
Lord of history and time,
we acclaim you King this hour,
God of majesty sublime!

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