My heart and voice I raise

My heart and voice I raise
to spread Messiah’s praise;
Messiah’s praise let all repeat;
the universal Lord,
by whose almighty word
creation rose in form complete.

2. A servant’s form he wore,
and in his body bore
our dreadful curse on Calvary:
as victim there he stood,
and shed his sacred blood
to set the guilty captives free.

3. But soon Messiah rose,
the conqueror of his foes,
and led the vanquished host in chains:
he threw their empire down;
his foes must yield their crown,
for over all Messiah reigns.

4. With mercy’s kindest grace
he rules the human race
in wisdom, righteousness and love:
those to Messiah drawn
shall see redemption dawn,
and all his great salvation prove.

5. Hail, Saviour, Prince of peace!
Your kingdom shall increase
till all the world your glory see,
and righteousness abound
as ocean depths profound
and fill the earth with purity.

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