How wonderful the works of God

How wonderful the works of God,
displayed through all the world abroad,
immensely great, minutely small—
one greater work exceeds them all.

2. He formed the sun, the day’s great light;
the moon and stars, to rule the night:
but night and stars, and moon and sun,
are little works compared with one.

3. He rolled the seas and spread the skies,
made valleys sink and mountains rise;
the meadows clothed with living green,
and rivers flowing in between.

4. But what are hills or skies or seas,
or streams among the stately trees,
to wonders saints were born to prove—
the wonders of redeeming love?

5. That work, beyond what words express,
what mortals feel or angels guess,
surpasses what our thought conceives,
or hope expects, or faith believes.

6. Almighty God breathed human breath!
The Lord of life experienced death!
How could it be—Christ crucified?
We simply know, for us he died.

7. Blessed with this faith, then, let us raise
our hearts in love, our voice in praise;
we now believe, but soon shall know
the greatest glories God can show.

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