In counsels of eternity

In counsels of eternity,
before all worlds were formed,
no sun or moon shed light on earth,
nor stars the skies adorned;
there, deep within the Father’s heart,
love issued in decree
that sons of earth, though lost in sin,
his royal heirs should be.

2. To Bethlehem Messiah came,
the Saviour promised long
through ages dark; his name proclaimed
in vision and in song.
Eternal Son, himself our God,
among us stoops to dwell,
by virgin’s womb, to stable bare—
our Lord, Immanuel!

3. At Calvary, the cross of shame,
his glory was revealed
for all of faith; a saving death,
to unbelief concealed.
The covenant he seals in blood;
the power of death denied:
he bursts the gates of hell to rise—
his people justified!

4. And now he reigns, enthroned on high,
his praises fill the skies!
Poured on the earth his Spirit moves,
the finished work applies:
where faith receives the gospel word,
the breath of life imparts;
now sealed as sons, the pledge of life—
his Spirit in our hearts!

5. To Father, Son and Spirit now,
the God whom we adore
be glory as it was, and is,
and shall be evermore!
For firm and sure his promise stands:
his word has proved the past;
he loved us from the first of time—
he’ll keep us to the last!

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