All glory to God in the sky

All glory to God in the sky,
and peace on the earth be restored!
O Jesus, exalted on high,
appear our omnipotent Lord!
who, lowly in Bethlehem born,
here stooped to redeem a lost race;
once more to creation return
and reign in your kingdom of grace.

2. Incarnate you chose to appear;
all nature acknowledged your birth:
so dawned the long-prophesied year
and heaven was opened on earth.
Receiving its Lord from above,
the world was united to bless
the giver of friendship and love,
the Prince and the Author of peace.

3. Lord Jesus, again be made known!
Again by your Spirit descend
and set up in each of your own
a kingdom that never shall end.
You only are able to bless
and make all the nations obey;
commanding our hatred to cease,
bring everything under your sway.

4. Come then to your servants again,
who long your appearing to know;
your quiet and peaceable reign
in mercy establish below.
All sorrow before you shall fly,
all hatred and strife be undone;
all envy and malice shall die,
and all learn to honour the Son.

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