God the Word addressed the darkness

God the word addressed the darkness,
calling light to form the day;
speaking stars into existence,
God’s great wisdom on display.
Great the power and great the glory,
of the world’s Creator God,
beauty, life, imagination,
lift our hearts to praise and love.

2. God the Word entered the darkness
of a chosen virgin’s womb;
vastness captured in the smallness,
glory hidden in the gloom.
Great the grace and great the mercy
of the world’s incarnate God,
meek and marvellous condescension
lifts our hearts to praise and love.

3. God the Word was plunged in darkness,
bearing judgement’s heavy rod;
brightness of the Father’s glory
crushed beneath the wrath of God.
Great the power and great the weakness
of the world’s Redeemer God,
awesome conquest, daring triumph,
lift our hearts to praise and love.

4. God the Word outshone the darkness,
taking life to conquer death;
brought the church into existence,
fashioned by the Spirit’s breath.
Great the gospel, great the promise
of the world’s approaching God,
joyful hope of resurrection,
lifts our hearts to praise and love.

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