How urgent is the summons

How urgent is the summons
addressed to us by name:
your holy call is life and death,
an all-embracing claim;
and yet our hearts are tepid:
how slowly we obey
the voice which bids us take the cross
and follow day by day.

2. From you and from each other
our flaws we try to hide:
release us from this tyranny
of self-deceiving pride.
How seldom are we willing
to stand for what is right:
renew our vision, purge our fears
and nerve us for the fight!

3. Forgive the small ambitions
which often tie us down,
enticing us to idolise
achievement or renown;
seduced by creature-comforts,
allured by worldly gain,
we need your word to turn our thoughts
to treasures which remain.

4. From activism spare us-
how much we try to do!
We struggle to retain control
instead of trusting you.
Lord, pardon our reliance
on energy and skill;
may we be found with servant hearts,
content to do your will.

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