On the cross he took what I deserved

On the cross he took what I deserved,
gave his life to set me free:
there he bore the judgement on my sin,
made himself accursed for me.
When I failed to live by God’s commands
Jesus suffered in my place;
here I find the pardon which removes
both my guilt and my disgrace:

     Let me boast in nothing but the cross
     where the Lord was crucified;
     I will place my pride in nothing else
     but the cross where Jesus died.

2   But the cross spells death for me as well:
I am crucified with Christ—
everything I used to be has died
since my Lord was sacrificed.
Now the key to life is faith in him,
since his promise I believe;
his unending resurrection life
is the gift I now receive:

3   So this world and I have parted now—
very different paths we take!—
all the worthless idols of this age
Christ commands me to forsake.
Earthly fame and riches cannot last,
neither will they satisfy;
at my Saviour’s cross I take my stand,
and for him I live or die:

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