Are you there when life is darkened

Are you there when life is darkened
by a peril few dare name?
Are you there when those I turn to
silently engender shame?
When both strength and courage falter,
when all hope is choked by fear,
are you there? My God, I need you,
long to feel that you are near.

2. Hold me, God, when I am weary,
when the burden is too much;
hold me, God, when those around me
cannot reach or dare not touch.
Doubt engulfs me, and confusion
hijacks every choice I make;
hold me, God: today, be with me
all along the road I take.

Psalm 42:2, 70:5, 88:1-4, Matthew 11:28, I John 3:19-20, Genesis 28:15

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