You have pardoned all my sin

You have pardoned all my sin,
made me yours for evermore;
now your family is mine
and, in you, I stand secure.
By your overwhelming grace
you and I are reconciled–
Father, hear my joyful song:
I am glad to be your child.

2   Not a stranger, nor a slave:
one with Christ, I am your heir–
all the riches Jesus won
are the heritage I share.
Your desire is holiness
for a heart once so defiled:
what a privilege is mine–
born again to be your child.

3   By your loving chastening,
by the problems I go through,
Lord, you are refining me,
changing me to be like you:
love and truth go hand in hand
in a discipline so mild–
Father, once again I sing:
I am glad to be your child.
I am glad, I am glad,
I am glad to be your child.


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