The God who set the stars in space

The God who set the stars in space
and gave the planets birth
created for our dwelling place
a green and fruitful earth;
a world with wealth and beauty crowned
of sky and sea and land,
where life should flourish and abound
beneath its Maker’s hand.

2. A world of order and delight
God gave for us to tend,
to hold as precious in his sight,
to nurture and defend;
but yet on ocean, earth and air
the marks of sin are seen,
with all that God created fair
polluted and unclean.

3. O God, by whose redeeming grace
the lost may be restored,
who stooped to save our fallen race
in Christ, creation’s Lord,
through him whose cross is life and peace
to cleanse a heart defiled
may human greed and conflict cease
and all be reconciled.

4. Renew the wastes of earth again,
redeem, restore, repair;
with us, your children, still maintain
your covenant of care.
May we, who move from dust to dust
and on your grace depend,
no longer, Lord, betray our trust
but prove creation’s friend.

5. Our God, who set the stars in space
and gave the planets birth,
look down from heaven, your dwelling place,
and heal the wounds of earth;
till pain, decay and bondage done,
when death itself has died,
creation’s songs shall rise as one
and God be glorified!

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