Bless the Lord for all the honours

Bless the Lord for all the honours
he has granted humankind:
dignity bestowed upon us,
work to do with hand and mind.
With his image he has graced us,
on the earth his rule to bear;
over all creation placed us,
who alone his likeness share.

2. But we failed the Lord: in falling
his own image was defaced;
what was good is now appalling,
man, the steward, is disgraced!
Lord, our sin and folly pardon,
rectify our lawless reign,
help us tend creation’s garden,
turn its use to good again.

3. Bless the Lord for new creation:
in his image we’re restored –
joy of reconciliation!
sons of God, through Christ our Lord!
All creation longs for healing,
groaning, waiting eagerly
till the Lord, his sons revealing,
from corruption sets it free.

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