Rain on the earth by heaven’s blessing

Rain on the earth by heaven’s blessing,
showers for the land from laden sky,
water for well and spring and river-
God grant us rain, or else we die!

2. Rain is your gift for wise or wicked,
humans and cattle, herb and tree;
praise for its promise and its warning,
showing your wisdom, flowing free!

3. Come to our world of drought and flooding,
hold back their danger and their fear;
dwell in the lands of dearth or drowning,
help them and save them by our care.

4. Early or late, on hill and valley,
thunderous torrent, gentle mist-
visit in mercy, not in judgement;
this is our prayer, who pray in Christ.

5. God send the rain to green our pastures,
feeding our flocks, our fields and grain;
God fill our streams in all due seasons:
God of all grace, grant us good rain!

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