O Lord, the clouds are gathering

O Lord, the clouds are gathering,
the fire of judgement burns.
How we have fallen!
O Lord, you stand appalled to see
your laws of love so scorned
and lives so broken.

Have mercy, Lord, (have mercy, Lord)
forgive us, Lord, (forgive us, Lord)
restore us, Lord; revive your church again.
Let justice flow, (let justice flow)
like rivers, (like rivers)
and righteousness like a never-failing stream.
(last time only) A never- failing stream.

2. O Lord, over the nations now,
where is the dove of peace?
Her wings are broken,
O Lord, while precious children starve
the tools of war increase,
their bread is stolen.

3. O Lord, when powers are poised to flood
our streets with hate and fear,
we must awaken!
O Lord, let love reclaim the lives
that sin would sweep away,
and let your kingdom come!

4. Yet, Lord, your glorious cross shall tower
triumphant in this land,
evil confounding;
through the fire,
your suffering church displays
the glories of her Christ,
praises resounding.

Copyright: © 1987 Make Way Music

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