If this is not our world

If this is not our world
with all its hollow powers,
to make a god of gold
is no concern of ours.
The latest gains
fill all the news;
we need not choose
to wear such chains.

2. If goods are not our goal
and all our wealth will rust,
I dare not lose my soul
by scrabbling in the dust.
Not heaven nor earth
are up for sale;
coins are no scale
of human worth.

3. If we are not our own
but purchased at a price,
to follow Christ alone
is no great sacrifice.
In him, if we
hold nothing back,
we have no lack;
he sets us free.

4. If Christ is all our praise,
our heritage, our health,
we need not waste our days
in struggling after wealth.
And those who give
their all, and more,
will not be poor
but start to live.

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