How long, O Lord, have you bestowed

How long, O Lord, have you bestowed
your care upon our rebel land?
Of all the nations, few, O God,
have known such blessings from your hand.

2. Here many godly people dwelt,
as once the glorious gospel shone;
long uninvaded, we had felt
that you had made our cause your own.

3. But heaven and earth have clearly heard
our wild rejection of that love:
we, though like children kindly reared,
ungrateful and rebellious prove.

4. Your grace despised, your power defied,
and legions of the vilest crimes,
the foulest sins of lust and pride
all greatly mark the present times.

5. Lord, hear your people everywhere,
who meet to mourn, confess and pray:
the nation and your churches spare,
and let your wrath be turned away.

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