Long before we were created

Long before we were created,
at the dawn of space and time,
God eternal, great and mighty had us on his mind.
He devised and set before us
an amazing, perfect plan,
that would demonstrate to all the giving of his hand.

Praise God, praise God,
our God who saves.
Praise God, praise God
who calls us to magnify
the glory of his grace.

2. We’re a part of his own family,
simply through the love of Christ,
what a perfect, all-embracing selfless sacrifice.
God has thought of every option,
he’s provided all we need;
that the weak, the strong, the rich,
the poor can know his peace.

Praise God, praise God…

3. This is our Father’s story,
this is our Maker’s praise,
and by the Spirit we’re
the story of his grace.
Using ordinary people,
using broken jars of clay,
he’ll display the grace that
even death can’t take away.

Praise God, praise God…

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