The heavens declare God’s glory

The heavens declare God’s glory,
their grandeur tells his worth;
by day and night, though silent,
their witness rings the earth.
The sun, a radiant bridegroom,
steps forth with eager feet
to race across the heavens
and flood the world with heat.

2. Your law, O Lord, is perfect,
its power revives the soul;
what joy and light come streaming
from truth so pure and whole!
Your everlasting statutes
impart a holy fear:
far sweeter they than honey,
than finest gold more dear.

3. They warn of mortal dangers
and lead to great reward;
keep me from hidden errors
and wilful sins, O Lord.
So may my speech and thinking
find favour in your sight,
my rock and my Redeemer,
my Lord, my soul’s true light.

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