I sing the almighty power of God

I sing the almighty power of God
that made the mountains rise,
that spread the flowing seas abroad
and built the lofty skies.

2. I sing the wisdom that ordained
the sun to rule the day;
the moon shines full at his command,
and all the stars obey.

3. I sing the goodness of the Lord
that filled the earth with food;
he formed the creatures with his word,
and then pronounced them good.

4. There’s not a plant or flower below
but makes his glories known;
and clouds arise and tempests blow,
controlled by him alone.

5. In heaven he shines with beams of love,
with wrath in hell beneath:
this earth is his, on which I move,
and his the air I breathe.

6. His eye to guide, his hand to guard,
are always with me here;
why should I then forget the Lord,
who is for ever near?

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