My God, I thank you that you made

My God, I thank you that you made
the earth so bright,
so full of splendour and of joy,
beauty and light;
so many glorious things are here,
noble and right.

2. I thank you, Lord, that you have made
our joy abound;
so many gentle thoughts and deeds
circle us round,
that in the darkest spot on earth
some love is found.

3. I thank you more, that all our joy
is touched with pain,
that shadows fall on brightest hours,
that thorns remain;
so that earth’s joys may be our guide,
and not our chain.

4. I thank you, Lord, that you have kept
the best in store;
we have enough, yet not too much
to long for more;
a yearning for a deeper peace
not known before.

5. I thank you, Lord, that here our lives,
though richly blessed,
cannot attain the peace they seek
in earnest quest,
nor ever shall, till face to face
with Christ, they rest.

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