That priceless gift what tongue can tell

That priceless gift what tongue can tell?
Marvel and mystery, man and God:
from highest heaven to lowest earth,
the Father’s Son, a servant’s birth:
our life he lived, our path he trod.

2. That sinless life, what pen can draw?
Holy perfection, tried and true;
to heal the blind, the deaf, the lame.
Dead souls, arise! Dumb lips, proclaim
that Christ has brought good news to you.

3. That saving cross what mind can probe?
Love’s length and depth and height and breadth;
before the world of time and space,
the Lamb ordained to take our place,
immortal God in mortal death.

4. That empty tomb what joy can match-
the angels’ word beyond belief?
‘See here, the place they laid his head,
the living Lord who once was dead’-
and Jesus lives to still our grief!

5. That mighty hope all hopes above:
in clouds of glory see him come!
When saints shall rise with one accord
to be forever with the Lord;
when Jesus comes to take us home.

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