Our Teacher and Master, Redeemer and Lord

still teach us today by your Spirit and word;
forgive us our slowness to learn and obey,
and open our hearts to receive what you say.

2. You taught on the hillside, you taught by the sea,
you spoke to five thousand, to twelve or to three;
in temple and synagogue, village and town,
at sunrise and noon, and at sun’s going down.

3. You taught us of judgement, of heaven and hell,
of what it will cost if we choose to rebel:
you brought the good news, and the call to repent;
you showed us the Father, by whom you were sent.

4. You taught us forgiveness, and trust for our food;
to love those who hate us, to pray for their good:
the danger of riches, of violence and greed;
the blessing of sharing with neighbours in need.

5. You taught by your life and you taught by your death;
you spoke from the cross as you spent your last breath:
at lakeside and pathway and breaking of bread
you taught from the Scriptures, alive from the dead.

6. Our teacher and master, redeemer and Lord,
still teach us, we pray, by your Spirit and word,
to learn of your wisdom and grow in your grace,
till darkness is gone, and we see face to face.

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