We were not there to see you come

We were not there to see you come
to this poor world of sin and death,
nor did we see your humble home,
your hidden life in Nazareth;
but we believe your footsteps trod
its streets and plains, O Son of God.

2. We did not hear you teach the wise
and preach to crowds in Galilee,
nor watched you healing ears and eyes
of those who could not hear or see;
but we believe you came as light
to sinners lost in darkest night.

3. We did not see you lifted high
or feel the taunts they flung at you,
nor were we there to hear your cry,
‘Forgive, they know not what they do!’
Yet we believe the deed was done
which shook the earth and veiled the sun.

4. We did not stand beside the tomb
upon that resurrection day,
nor meet you in the upper room,
nor walk with you along the way:
but we believe the angel said,
‘Why seek the living with the dead?’

5. We were not with the chosen few
when you ascended in the cloud,
who watched you vanish from their view,
then to the earth in worship bowed;
but we believe that mortal eyes
saw you ascending through the skies.

6. And now at God’s right hand supreme,
you bless your people from on high;
glory surrounds you, though its gleam
remains concealed from human eye;
but we believe your faithful word,
and trust in our redeeming Lord.

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