He said, he came to seek the lost

He said he came to seek the lost,
to find us and to save;
he warned us of the coming cost
but looked beyond the grave.
He said he came to work, to serve,
not to be served by us;
that we must learn from his great love,
for he must face the cross.

2.   He said, I am the life, the way,
the truth, the living bread;
the vine, the resurrection day,
the firstborn from the dead.
He said he would be crucified;
betrayed by one false friend:
he shouted ‘Finished!’ as he died;
but that was not the end.

3.   For as he said, he rose again
in triumph from the tomb,
to see the fruit of all his pain;
rejoice—the King has come!
Our Father, may we heed his words
and trust what he has done;
Christ Jesus, Teacher, Saviour, Lord,
and your beloved Son.

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