With a prayer you fed the hungry

With a prayer you fed the hungry,
with a cry you stilled the storm;
with a look you had compassion
on the desperate and forlorn.
With a touch you healed the leper,
with a shout you raised the dead;
with a word expelled the demons,
with a blessing broke the bread.

Love incarnate, love divine,
captivate this heart of mine
till all I do speaks of you.

2. As a sheep before the shearer
you were silent in your pain;
you endured humiliation
at the hands of those you’d made.
And as hell unleashed its fury
you were lifted on a tree,
crying ‘Father God, forgive them,
place their punishment on me.’

Love incarnate, love divine…

3. I will feed the poor and hungry,
I will stand up for the truth;
I will take my cross and follow
to the corners of the earth.
And I ask that you so fill me
with your peace, your power, your breath,
that I never love my life so much
to shrink from facing death.

Love incarnate, love divine…

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