Christ our Redeemer knew temptation’s hour

Christ our redeemer knew temptation’s hour
in desert places, silent and apart;
and three times over met the tempter’s power
with God’s word written, hidden in his heart.

2. He makes not bread what God has made a stone,
he at whose bidding water turns to wine:
we are not meant to live by bread alone
but as God speaks the word of life divine.

3. He will not ask the fickle crowd’s acclaim,
nor flaunt the Sonship which is his by right,
nor seem distrustful of the Father’s name
who bids us walk by faith and not by sight.

4. He seeks no kingdom but by cross and grave,
for love of sinners spurning Satan’s throne:
his triumph seen in those he died to save
who, to his glory, worship God alone.

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