Fade, fade each earthly joy

Jesus is mine.
Stronger than fleeting hopes,
Jesus is mine.
Dark is the wilderness,
earth has no resting place,
Jesus alone can bless;
Jesus is mine.

2. In days of fragile peace,
Jesus is mine;
through tearful nights of grief,
Jesus is mine.
His voice commands the storm,
his presence stills my soul,
he will sustain my hope;
Jesus is mine.

Jesus is mine,
Jesus is mine;
when all else fails, he still remains:
Jesus is mine!

3. When on that final day,
Jesus is mine;
before his radiant face,
Jesus is mine.
Safe in his arms I’ll cling,
praising my Saviour King;
for evermore I’ll sing:
‘Jesus is mine’.

Jesus is mine… (sing twice)

When all else fails, he still remains:
Jesus is mine!

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