David Lyon

Author & Composer

David is a songwriter, musician and producer from the West Coast of Scotland. He has released six solo albums and played on many other projects over three decades.

Having eventually overcome a childhood reluctance for piano lessons, music-making soon became an integral part of David’s life. His love for The Beatles and U2 shaped his appreciation of the timeless beauty within melody and poetry. He still believes that a song can change everything.

David has performed extensively throughout the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada at theatres, churches, clubs and festivals, initially with Celtic folk/rock band, The Electrics, then in more recent years with his wife, Yvonne.

His songs regularly feature on BBC Radio and he has recorded live studio sessions for Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4 and Radio Scotland.

Most of David’s time and energy is spent working with other artists and on collaborations so his solo projects have often taken a back seat and tend to coincide with Leap Years.

His most recent album, LOVE LIKE NO OTHER, features five original songs and five reimagined hymns. Due to lockdown restrictions, it was almost entirely recorded remotely in 2020 and David was only able to be in face to face sessions with producer Sandy Jones and Yvonne. All other instrumentalists and vocalists recorded their parts in home studios across Scotland, in Valencia and in Nashville.

Hymns and songs by David Lyon

Number Hymn Name
1320 You are my salvation

Tunes and arrangements by David Lyon

Tune Name
God Most High