Sovereign Lord, as you have promised

Sovereign Lord, as you have promised,
now dismiss this soul in peace,
for my eyes have seen salvation,
for my heart has known release
from the sin that lies within me
staining thoughts and words and ways;
you have healed, forgiven and saved me:
let me sing your endless praise.

2   So it was that God’s dear servant,
through his many watchful years,
had expected what he saw now,
filled his heart with thankful tears.
Gracious Lord, this great salvation
you’ve prepared for all to see.
You’ve revealed in Christ a Saviour
sent to make your people free.

3   Here this child, as Israel’s glory,
from of old in David’s line,
will bring grief and cause division,
yet his birth’s a glorious sign
shedding light and hope for Gentiles
and that Israelites may know
that God’s boundless loving mercy
is our source of strength below.

4   So it is that I am ready
to depart when you shall say,
trusting in your certain promise
to be with me for that day.
For as Simeon blessed the parents
of that precious infant King,
gladly we submit in worship
as in love and praise we sing.


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