Schlegel, Catharina Amalia Dorothea von


b Germany 1697, d 17—?. Much about her life is unknown; she lived at Cöthen and appears to have been a significant spiritual leader in days of revival, But while one tradition (as in Julian) says that she was attached to the local ducal court, others describe her as head of an evangelical (Lutheran) religious community in the town. Whichever is the true account, she became a contributor to the Cöthnische Lieder (‘Songs from Cöthen’) of 1744 and 1752, and to a further collection in the latter of these dates. Of the 29 hymns ascribed to her, only one has entered English-language hymn-books in translation, but this single text has been in wide use; see also the notes to Jane Borthwick. No.754.

Hymns and songs by Schlegel, Catharina Amalia Dorothea von

Number Hymn Name
754 Be still, my soul: The Lord is on your side