Almighty Lord most high, draw near

Almighty Lord most high, draw near,
whose awesome splendour none can bear;
eternal God, in mercy hear,
receive once more the sinners’ prayer;
upon your word of grace we call,
whose word of power has ordered all.

2. How measureless your mercies stand,
the hope and pledge of sins forgiven;
those sins, unnumbered as the sand,
that hide the very stars of heaven:
O God of grace, to us impart
a penitent and contrite heart.

3. From such a heart we bend the knee
and all our sin and shame confess.
Lord, your unworthy servants see,
and clothe us round with righteousness;
that loved and pardoned, healed and blessed,
we taste your mercies manifest.

4. So lift on high the Saviour’s praise
with all the hosts of heaven above,
and sing through everlasting days
the God of glory, grace and love.
The Lord of all let all adore,
for ever and for evermore.

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