O Jesus, full of truth and grace

O Jesus, full of truth and grace,
more full of grace than I of sin,
yet once again I seek your face;
open your arms and take me in,
and freely my backslidings heal
and love the faithless sinner still.

2. You know the way to bring me back,
my fallen spirit to restore:
O for your truth and mercy’s sake
forgive, and bid me sin no more;
the ruins of my soul repair
and make my heart a house of prayer.

3. Lord, change to flesh my stony heart,
the veil of sin again remove;
apply your blood, renew, convert,
and melt it by your dying love.
This rebel heart by love subdue
and by your Spirit make it new.

4. O give me, Lord, the tender heart
that trembles at the approach of sin;
a godly fear of sin impart,
implant and root it deep within,
that I may dread your gracious power
and never dare offend you more.

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