I exalt you, Lord eternal

I exalt you, Lord eternal,
from the depths you raised my soul;
all my enemies were silent,
all their gloating tongues were still.
Lord, I called on you to help me,
and you healed me in my need;
Lord, you brought me back from darkness,
from the pit my soul was freed.

2. Praise the Lord, his faithful people,
let us praise his holy name,
for his anger lasts a moment
but his grace remains the same.
Though I pass the night in weeping,
when the darkness flees away,
then rejoicing fills the morning,
lasting joy will greet the day.

3. In the times of peace and blessing,
when my life felt safe and sure,
I had said, ‘Now none can shake me,
on God’s rock I stand secure.’
Then your face was hidden from me,
and my spirit was dismayed,
crying out to you for mercy:
‘Hear, O Lord! come to my aid.’

4. ‘What is gained by my destruction
in the pit of loneliness?
Will the dust sing praises to you?
Will it show your faithfulness?
Quickly come for my salvation,
show your mercy, meet my need,
hear my prayer, O Lord, and answer,
for your help, O Lord, I plead.’

5. Then you turned my tears to dancing
took my cloak of grief away,
and you filled my heart with gladness,
clothed my soul with radiant joy.
Let my heart no more keep silent!
Let my lips sing songs of praise!
You, O Lord my God, I’ll worship,
thanking you through all my days.

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