We have not known you as we ought

We have not known you as we ought,
nor learned your wisdom, grace and power;
the things of earth have filled our thought,
mere shadows of the passing hour.
Lord, in our minds the truth renew
and make us wise in knowing you.

2. We have not feared you as we ought,
nor heeded your all-seeing eye,
nor guarded word and deed and thought,
aware of One who stands nearby.
Lord, give us faith to know you near
and grant the grace of holy fear.

3. We have not loved you as we ought,
nor cared that we are loved by you;
your presence we have coldly sought
and feebly longed your face to view.
Lord, to us each the grace impart
to love our God with all our heart.

4. We have not served you as we ought-
the many duties left undone,
the work with little fervour wrought,
the battles lost or scarcely won!
Lord, give the zeal and give the might
for you to toil, for you to fight.

5. When shall we know you as we ought
and fear and love and serve aright?
When shall we, out of trial brought,
be perfect in the land of light?
Lord, may we day by day prepare
to see your face and serve you there.

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