O Lord my rock, to you I cry aloud

O Lord my rock, to you I cry aloud
to hear my plea;
I shall be lost, if you stay silent now
and deaf to me.
I lift my hands to your most holy place;
do not withhold your mercy, love and grace!

2. Do not, I pray, drag me off with the vile,
with souls perverse;
smooth is their speech, but hidden in their hearts
a silent curse.
For all the Lord has done, they show disdain,
but once torn down, they shall not rise again.

3. Praise to the Lord, who is my strength and shield;
he hears my cry!
God is my help; my heart will give him thanks
and leap for joy.
Strength of his people, fortress for his king;
our Shepherd, save us! All your praise we sing.

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