O Lord, my heart is heavy

O Lord, my heart is heavy,
my faith is faint at best,
so many ways I flounder
and find my mind distressed.
Remind me Lord, to trust you
although my path’s not clear,
and hold to scripture’s promise
that God is always near.

2 I may not feel God’s presence
if doubts still cloud my view,
but facts and faith shall urge me
to persevere anew.
He mends the broken hearted,
he calms the racing mind,
he brings peace and forgiveness,
for he is always kind.

3 Though tears are my companion
when I am low and stressed,
he sees that sometimes sadness
shall be a heavenly test.
But ever, like a father,
he deals with all my fears,
and faithfully stands by me
to guide me through these years.

4 How could I doubt his promise?
How can I shun his care?
How foolishly I grieve him,
why should I not declare
that such a God is holy
and worthy of my faith
in him whose ways are perfect,
my God who keeps me safe?

5 God’s grace is all sufficient,
his love beyond compare,
his ear is always listening
and hears my faintest prayer.
Such wisdom, love and goodness
is all I lean upon.
From earth to heaven and glory
he leads me safely home.

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