Let my people go

‘Let my people go’
is the summons of the Lord,
spoken to the lords of earth
who rule by chain and sword.
‘Let my people go,’
the repeated, urgent call;
yet so many hearts are hard
and do not heed at all.

2. ‘Let my people go,’
for they truly are his own;
chosen, called, the firstborn son
eternally foreknown.
‘Let my people go
so that they may all serve me’;
once this people found escape
from terror, through the sea.

3. ‘Let my people go’;
they are purchased with a price:
rescued by a life laid down,
the blood of sacrifice.
‘Let my people go’;
some still long to be set free:
so we cry to God to save
and bring full liberty.

4. ‘Let my people go’;
let the world now hear God’s voice;
giving justice, keeping faith
with people of his choice.
‘Let my people go,’
brothers, sisters, pray through pain
for their freedom, shelter, hope;
with them we plead again.

5. ‘Let my people go’:
words that soon will be no more;
when God’s universe, in Christ
shall worship and adore.
‘Let my people go’;
then the ending of the night,
when creation is renewed
in resurrection-light!

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