Christ is my Shepherd-King

Christ is my shepherd-king,
he is my Lord.
Who can compare with him?–
he is so good.
So great in mighty power to save and keep,
chief Shepherd, coming soon to claim his sheep!

2   He will supply my need,
he knows me best;
in his green fields I feed,
there take my rest.
He patiently restores me when I stray,
and gently guides me in his righteous way.

3   When I must tread a road
too dark to see,
help me remember, Lord,
you are with me.
Your staff gives comfort as you draw me close,
your rod protects my soul from all my foes.

4   Though I have enemies,
what can they do?
Here on my table lies
rich grace from you.
Your Spirit’s oil will heal and lift me up,
your over-flowing blessing fills my cup.

5    Jesus, since you laid down
your life for me,
goodness and love abound
Since to your Father’s house you are the door,
I’ll enter in and live for evermore!


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