A voice of love is calling

A voice of love is calling –
the voice that Mary heard
the day she wept in anguish
bereft of her dead Lord:
when Jesus spoke, and with a breath
removed her fears, revived her faith.

2.   An urgent voice commands us:
go and tell everyone
that Christ who died has risen,
his kingdom has begun.
Many who hear will not believe,
but some will look, accept, and live.

3.   This is your voice of triumph,
Saviour – as you ascend,
our Brother to your Father,
to reign world without end.
Your Father now is ours, your home
is heaven, the place where we shall come.

4.  Lord Jesus, may we serve you,
remembering your cross,
and follow as you call us
where hardship is no loss
but points towards a greater gain–
the joy and glory of your reign!

See John 20:11-17

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