Lord of our dawning, who brought us to birth

Lord of our dawning, who brought us to birth,
gave us your word for this sin-shattered earth,
clothed us with promise of strength for our days-
God of beginnings, we sing to your praise!

2. Lord of our morning, who taught us to pray,
taught us to trust you through joy or dismay,
taught us that freedom is serving our King-
glad with thanksgiving, our worship we bring.

3. Lord of our noonday, in Christ make us strong,
wise to prevail in the war against wrong,
steadfast to trust you and swift to obey-
serving your will in our world of today!

4. Lord of our evening, Provider and Guide,
lead us in triumph through paths yet untried,
trusting, rejoicing, till rest shall be won-
serving while waiting our soon-coming Sun.

5. Then, in the light of his glory and grace,
we shall adore you and look on your face;
then, in the wonder of faith crowned in sight,
serve you forever in endless delight!

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