Creator of the universe

Creator of the universe and ruler of all things,
the Judge of every person and the King above all kings;
our God is righteous, holy, good and great in every way;
his infinite perfections he’s determined to display.

     ‘Whatever you do, do it all,
     do it all for the glory of God’;
     we find it our joy to obey:
     ‘do it all for the glory of God.’

2.   We gave ourselves to other ‘gods’ — a chasing after wind;
we lived for self and not for God; we fell, we failed, we sinned.
But Jesus came and lived and died, and rose again to raise
a people of his own, to live devoted to his praise.

3.   And now we want to honour God, a life full to the brim:
to work, to rest, to breathe, to sleep — and do it all for him;
committed to God’s glory in a full and total way,
with every act and word and thought for every single day.




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