Christian, seek not yet repose

Christian, seek not yet repose,
cast your dreams of ease away:
you are in the midst of foes-
watch and pray.

2. Principalities and powers,
mustering their unseen array,
wait for your unguarded hours-
watch and pray.

3. Put your heavenly armour on,
wear it always night and day;
hidden lies the evil one-
watch and pray.

4. Hear, above all, hear your Lord,
whose commands you love to obey,
treasure in your heart his word-
watch and pray.

5. Watch, as if on that alone
hung the issue of the day;
pray that victory shall be won-
watch and pray.

Copyright: © In this version Jubilate Hymns  This text has been altered by Praise! An unaltered JUBILATE text can be found at www.jubilate.co.uk

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