To walk with Jesus in this world

To walk with Jesus in this world
is not an easy thing;
he calls us all to bear our cross
if we would follow him.

2. For he himself once paid this price
for those he came to save;
then after dying for their sins
he rose up from the grave.

3. So when we fear the sacrifice
will only cause us loss,
remember how the Son of God
in love went to the cross.

4. Although, at times, our sacrifice
may seem a costly thing,
by dying to ourselves we’ll find
the life he came to bring.

5. We focus on the crown that waits
for those that run the race,
who, when they reach the finish line,
will see their Saviour’s face.

6. Yes, then, to all those faithful ones
these words will be declared:
‘Now enter the inheritance
your Father has prepared!’

7. So if we keep the end in mind,
he gives us grace to bear
the tears, the pain, the sacrifice
that all disciples share.

8. For in the midst of suffering
this joy will touch our strife:
through Christ we have the victory;
in death we gain his life.

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