Reconciled, I’m reconciled

Reconciled, i’m reconciled,
I’m reconciled to God for ever;
know he took away my sin,
I know his love will leave me never.
Reconciled, I am his child,
I know it was on me he smiled;
I’m reconciled, I’m reconciled to God.

2. I’m justified, I’m justified,
it’s just as if I’d never sinned,
and once I knew such guilty fear,
but now I know his peace within me.
Justified, I’m justified,
it’s all because my Jesus died;
I’m justified, I’m justified by God.

3. I’ll magnify, I’ll magnify,
I’ll magnify his name for ever;
wear the robe of righteousness
and bless the name of Jesus, Saviour;
magnify the One who died,
the One who reigns for me on high;
I’ll magnify, I’ll magnify my God.

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