O Jesus, light of life

shine your pure beam divine:
O uncreated light,
visit this soul of mine.
Let sin and darkness all depart,
O come and fill my waiting heart.

2. The clouds of unbelief
that hide you from my eyes
that fill my heart with grief,
O light of life arise!
As dawn dispels the shades of night
let your bright ray renew my sight.

3. Illuminate my mind
with words of truth and power.
So may I ever find
help in temptation’s hour.
A lamp to keep me in the way
and guard the feet still prone to stray.

4. Word from the Father’s heart,
Light of the God of light!
Jesus, yourself impart
making my pathway bright.
Saviour, Companion, Teacher, Friend,
be with me to my journey’s end.

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